Do you have something unique?

A rare piece of memorabilia perhaps?

How about a piece of history?

What about celebrating that special moment? Maybe it was captured in a photo, but where is it now?


Show Off Your Cards has many talented designers that can assist you finding the best way to get what you might have on your camera, in a shoe box, rolled up under your bed, up in the attic, or down in the basement, and put it in a frame so you can proudly show it off to your family, friends, or neighbours.

We use leading edge technologies and design software to achieve accuracy and consistency if you might be looking for a one time frame, or something you want to give to all of your family and friends. With our design software we can provide virtual previews of what the design will look like. These proofs can be provided to allow complete control of the final appearance of the mat cutting so you know exactly what you are getting, without the hassle of leaving your home or office and travelling to ours.


Show Off Your Cards regularly stocks over 50+ popular mat board colours, and can get hundreds within days. With selection like this, it is very easy to match wedding colours, sports team colours, or just about anything.

Our mats range from your most basic mats, to museum quality for the best of works you want to frame.

Foam can be provided to give additional rigidity for large frames, and also provide a layer(s) to help frame deep or misshapen objects.


With thousands of frame and framing options available, we can assist with choosing the best frame for you artwork.

All of our frames can be custom orders – even odd sizes.

Sometimes the best frame is the one you already have, maybe something you picked up at a yard sale? Give it new life by repurposing it with new matting and new life.

Extras & Benefits:

Text Cut-outs – Add an extra touch to your custom work by adding custom text cut out of the mat to reveal additional mats, or maybe even a picture – the choice is yours.

Low Costs – Our small overhead and labour costs keep our expenses down, that means you get amazing pricing and discounts compared to our competition.

Custom Printing – Don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting your photos printed and mounted on our mat board yourself, ask us about what we can do with a printer, you will be amazed.

Full Service – Have us assemble everything for you. After accepting the right layout and design, ship us your subject(s) and we will professionally mount them in the frame, with the matting, and ship them back to you.***

We will not stop working until you are 100% satisfied with you frame or matting.

*Please note that due to shipping restrictions, we cannot ship glass with any of our frames or matting, however Plexiglass can be shipped**.

**Large custom orders may have the opportunity to ship with glass instead of Plexiglass. Speak with one of our consultants to find out more.

***Restrictions apply. All items must not void any shipping regulations. All items must be insured by the client for loss or damage during shipping.

To give you an idea of what is possible, here are few ideas:

The budding house league player, immortalized with their picture, the puck from their first goal, how about their team number?

A complete collection of sports cards, “Number 1 Fan” across the top, team or player photos?

A tribute to your favorite player or team that you have been collecting memorabilia for years?

Preserve travel memories with your family name and destination across the top, maybe a window for that beach sand you picked up?

Frame that big catch in a fish themed mat window?

Getting married? How about a custom matting with the brides and groom name, date, favorite saying? Makes great wedding gifts or favours.

Get the whole gang in with custom team and league frame, customized to the individual group and theme.

What about the budding artists? A priceless piece of artwork deserves more than dollar store frame and mat, are we wrong?

Know someone retiring soon? Wish them the best with a collection of memorable and not so memorable moments with their name, the date of employment, or best wishes.

Celebrate someone’s greatest moments that loved ones will cherish forever.

Got a signature of your idol? Pair photos or posters with memorabilia to make you the envy of all other fans out there.

Give us your idea. We know you have them. Let us work with you to make them into something great.

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